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Sharp burning pain and Spontaneous bleeding

I am 42 woman and have been experiencing pain in my right breast that has increased in severity and frequency over the past 6 months. The pain now occurs every day in varying degrees.  The worst feeling as if i am being pierced by a hot needle, at times lasting several seconds disrupting whatever I am doing until I catch my composure.  Two weeks ago I got out of the shower to find bright red blood dripping quite heavily from my nipple.  It took about 10 minutes for it to stop. 1 week later I had a diagnostic mammogram (Only took 2 views were taken.  My understanding was a diagnostic was more specific and more views).  The result I received said I had benign scattered fibro-glandular densities and an ultrasound was recommended.  1 week later I went in for an ultrasound.  The technician told me I had 1 area of dense tissue on the side of my right breast.  THIS is where my pain radiates from...She found a 1 CM lump and this was the only area she looked at...Not so scattered as the mammogram results stated.  I was told there was nothing to worry about and to return in 4 months to see if there are any changes.  I don't think I can wait four months with this kind of constant pain, spontaneous bleeding and NOT WORRY.  The hospital where I had the tests is not known for their expertise in this area or none in fact. It was the closest to my home and part of my family Dr.'s health system.  Should I look elsewhere for a second opinion? My funds are limited and don't want to jump the gun if it is just more normal than not.  Any recommendations or similar experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.
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It seems that the lump in your breast did not have any suspicious characteristics otherwise a biopsy would have been recommended.
Of course bloody discharge from the nipple is always concerning but this problem can be also associated with many different benign conditions.Most often it could be an intraductal papilloma, (which is a noncancerous tumor) or Fibrocystic breast condition,inflammation in the ducts, reaction to drugs,
and less common a cancerous tumor.
I would also worry if I were in your situation ,with this constant pain and spontaneous bleeding... The odds are in your favor of this being a benign process but if you are worried and want answers sooner, I would advise you to consult a Breast Specialist  for a breast exam and to review your Mammograms and Ultrasound films.You will certainly obtain from him/her the best information and recommendations because these doctors are highly trained  regarding all breast issues.
Wishing you all the best....
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Thank you Zouzi.  I have done more then enough (too much, probably) reading online before I even posted.  You verified the same thoughts I had on this and i intent on scheduling an appointment with a specialist after researching .  If not for the pain, it would be much easier to let this go for a four months. Although the probability is high that this is a benign tumor, I would love to pinpoint the cause of the pain have it taken care of.
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Your  are more than welcome.
Very wise decision to seek a second opinion. I totally agree with you wanting to know what's going on the sooner the better and have this problem resolved.
Please let us know,(using this same thread )what the Breast Specialist advises and recommends.
Good Luck and I hope you'll feel better soon ! :)
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