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How can I loose weight while taking arimedex
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Sorry for all my spelling mistakes; I should have taken the time to edit. KAT
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Hi there,
  I am not all that sure about Arimidex, because I did not take it long enough to find out.

  But I know from many, may, may other women that they gained weight from Tamoxifen. I must have been of the lucky ones in that I didn't.

I was also shocked when I gained about 20 pounds on my first chemo treatment, as I had always assumed all chemo makes you 'waste away'.

Then, when I got meds, and was on chemo again, I lost 40 pounds without any trying or willpower involved.

I also lost the chemo weight gain from that fist time from Radiation.

So, my own experience is that it's not all about calorie intake.

Hope that helps a little, but otherwise I have no advice to add. Sorry. I know it feels bad.


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3500 calories equals one pound of weight. Like any other diet, it's what goes in calorie wise and what makes it burn off exercise wise that makes any difference while losing weight. Lower calorie intake, burning more calories with exercise equals weight loss. It's not fun, it's not easy. And with the menopause that comes on with arimedex or any AI doesn't make it easier. It's like we don't have a choice but to eat better and much less than before and to work out even harder to lose that one pound.  

Best wishes from a sister in the same position :)

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