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Should I be Worried ?

A few months ago I discovered a lump in my breast at first I though maybe its a cyst or fibroadenoma , but it hasn't gone away and is hurting a little so I went to the doctors who sent me to get an ultrasound , which revealed I have 2 more lumps ! I have to week one week for the results but I am completely freaking out with the possibility it might be breast cancer.. btw I am a 20 year old girl not on birth control , so although it's rare I know for younger woman to have it there's still that chance , any thoughs?
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Hi there.  Please try not to panic.  I KNOW how scary this is.  I also had a bad mammogram and was prepared for the diagnosis of breast cancer but did not have it.  Your young age is certainly a good thing making the odds in your favor that it is not cancer.  You were very smart to go get it checked out.  And I really hope it is nothing.  Fingers crossed.  That week will be long but my suggestion is to stay busy, really busy.  hugs
Thank you for your response , yes it is very scary but you helped me relax a little thank you and I will ! :)
It was a fibrodenoma!
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My first comment to your post was deleted because, according to the moderators, your post was a duplicate.Therefore I am posting my comment again on your second thread.
The good news is that the vast majority of breast lumps are not cancer, especially at your young age. Most likely they could be cysts or Fibroadenomas (both benign). These lumps are very common and are known to increase in size and tenderness due to hormonal fluctuation and are commonly found in women in their late teens and early twenties. The odds are in your favor that these lumps are harmless and it’s very wise of you to have had an Ultrasound test which will hopefully disclose benign findings.
Best wishes and good luck :)
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For anyone reading this post in the future it turned out I had fibrodenomas which are benign tumors and cause no harm ! And very common amongst young woman if it can bring a little peace of mind to people then that would be awesome :)
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That's wonderful news and thank you for letting us know! :)
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