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Should I be concerned?

Two weeks ago I have noticed hard palpable breast lumps in my left breast, some felt they were lobulated together -- like a lattice.  I had seen my GYN and she scheduled me to go have a diagnostic mammogram and left breast ultrasound.

I ended up in the office at the radiology clinic for a few hours, in and out getting MLO views etc.  I also ended up getting bilateral U/S instead of just the left breast.

Procedure: Full field hologic bilaterl digital mammogram.  Craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique projections with CAD and R-2 technology were obtain on all mammographic views, addtional spot compression view of the superior margin of the left breast in the mediolateral oblique and 90 degrees true lateral views and bilateral breast ultrasound.

The breasts are heterogeneously dense.

Additional s pot compression views of the superior margin of the left breast demonstrate normal glandular tissue.

Within the posterior superior margin of the right breast is a spiculate density.  Due to its far posterior location, ultrasound follow-up is scheduled.

There are no malignant appearing calcifications.

There is no skin thickening or nipple retraction.

A bilateral U/S was then performed as ordered by the diagnostic radiologist

There is a 6mm spiculated hypoechoic mass at right breast 1:00, 10 cm from the nipple plane, adjacent to the pectoralis muscle.  In addition, slightly medial to this level is a smooth 9mm hypoechoic nodule, also located at 1:00.

A 5mm hypoechoic nodule is noted at left breast 2:00 corresponding to the patient's reported palpable nodule.  

At this time, ultrasound guided core biopsy of the above finding is advised and has been scheduled. (August 11, 2010).

In addition, a tiny cyst is noted at the right breast 9:00 measuring 3mm.

Impression: 6mm spiculated solid nodule right breast 1:00.  
In addition, 2 smooth nodules are also noted at right breast 1:00 and left breast 2:00.  Ultrasound guided core biopsy of these nodules are also advised and has been scheduled (Again, August 11, 2010).

BI-RADS 4 - Suspicious findings

I realize spiculated and BI-RADS 4 is not the greatest combination.  I'm concerned about the percentage of chance it may be malignant.  If it was just BI-RADS 4 without spiculation I believe the percentage would decrease about 23% but with the spiculation I think it means that increases the percentage.

Please let me know if you feel I should be getting this biopsy sooner rather than waiting to the 11th of August.

Thank you

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hi lisa...you have alot going on.....please try to stay calm.....keep your opt. for the 11th.....its not easy having to wait for the results, tests etc...i removed both my breast i didn't need to but i felt its the best thing to do because of my age i had invasive ductal carcinoma, none of it spread to the lymph nodes thank god but if it had i would of without a drought had a double mastectomy...with alot of young woman its estrogen based.....oh and by the way i love my new boobs....it was a painful experience but one that i'm happy i did...for me i just didn't want to have to get checked all the time mamos,u/s.....worrying if i'm ok this year.etc...please let me know your test results......and PLEASE don't fear in......you will be in my prayers.......i would have never gotten through this without jesus.....god bless you and i'll talk to you soon ok....xoxo  :)(:
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