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Should I be worried?

I just received a call from my doctor telling my my mammogram showed "abnormal indeterminate calcifications" in my right breast. This result was after 2 mammograms.

What might this mean? And should I be overly concerned?

Thank you.

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The appearance of califications in the breast is quite common. I also have them in my right breast. And, I've been biopsied twice within the past 4 years to determine the nature of these growths. In both biopsies, they were found to be of a benign origin.
And, under most circumstances, they are deemed to be non-cancerous.
They are, however, an abnormality and what would have doctors and technicians concerned would be the surrounding tissue in which the calcifications appear because that might suggest that something abnormal is triggering their growth.
Anyway, whenever they show up in a mammogram one is usually given the option to undergo a biopsy to determine the nature of the growths or wait for a 6 month follow up diagnostic mammogram to note any changes. Both approaches are reasonable, although I would probably always opt to have the biopsy... just for my own peace of mind. And, personally, knowing what I now know about these calcifications...
I wouldn't worry about them; but, I wouldn't ignore them either.
Take care.
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