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Should I insist on completing 18 cycles Perjeta&Herceptin

My doctor wants to stop my herceptin and perjeta treatment after only 17 cycles, even though I don’t show side effects. I got PCR but am afraid that breaking from standard regimen will let cancer come back. I don’t know if I should insist on getting the 18th treatment. According to Perjeta information it should be up to 18 cycles, but doctor can stop if you have very strong side effects, which I don’t.
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Hello! Apologies for a delay in getting back to you but thank you for your question.  That seems odd they want to stop at 17 cycles rather than the recommended, standard 18, doesn't it? What reason did they give you for that? Is it a cost situation? I think that I'd be inclined to want the full course as well. Would you mind updating us on what happened?
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