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Should i get surgery

So i had a lump in my breast for a long time. Last yr i went 2 the doctor and got in monitored for a year with an ultrasound. I finally got a biopsy done this year and a mammogram and i found out that i have fibroadenoma...a benign lump.
My doctor suggested that i should see a specialist 2 see if it needs 2 be taken out. I keep reading on the internet that its really not necessary 2 take itout because it will mess up my breast shape and structure and another lump my grow. I also read that i might have an increase chance of getting breast cancer when im older...im 27

Should i consider getting the surgery or just monitor the lump 4 the rest of my life? I really dont want 2 get surgery because the lump isnt bothering me...it only gets sore around my period but i dont want a risk of hreast cancer even though it doesnt run in my family
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Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors and are not related to breast cancer in any way.
Since you already had a biopsy that resulted in benign findings, there would be no need to remove the lump, because in many cases fibroadenomas could go away on their own within a few years. There are some reports stating that low fat, high fiber diets, limiting caffeine intake (coffee, chocolate, colas) could decrease incidence of fibroadenomas.
Usually these benign lumps are left alone but conservative management with regular follow ups is advisable. However surgical removal is sometimes necessary if they enlarge too much or cause considerable pain.
I think it’s a good idea to see a Breast Specialist as your Doctor suggested. A second opinion is always helpful to reassure you so you can have peace of mind.
Best wishes.
My doctor stated that 10 yrs from now it may become cancerous but someone else mentioned that surgery isnt necessary unless it bothers me..and that it doesnt increase my chance of breast cancer. they placed a clip in the lump just in case for the future..i dont know why my doctor is requesting that i see a surgeon about possibly removing it..i  noticed that it shrinks but sometimes gets bigger around my period then shrinks again
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The Surgeon won't necessarily tell you that the Fibroadenoma has to be surgically removed. You are primarily seeing a Specialist for a second opinion and you should ask him/her everything you have asked here concerning the Fibroadenoma.The Doctor will examining you and review your complete medical record and consequently will let you know what needs to be done in your particular situation.

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