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Single or Double mastectomy

I am 28 years old diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  I will need to have my right breast removed.  The doctor told me that I would be able to keep the left breast, it is completely healthy and I don't test positive for the gene mutation.  My question is as far as reconstruction, can I get good results if i keep the left breast? Is there anything that can be done so that they will match?  Is it better to just remove them both?  I am still young so I want to make sure I make the best decision.  Any help would be appreciated!
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Hi Welcome: are you a female? or male? Your profile lists you as a male.. that would be helpful for me to advise...

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Absolutely get both done at the same time and in the same way. It's much easier to achieve real symmetry when done at the same time. Just choose wisely the surgeon and that may not be someone your current doctors recommend. This is the one time it life it's really worth getting the best doctors for the results that will last a lifetime.

A lot of people say leave the other breast. The doctors will tell you to leave the other breast. But you've already got cancer in one and your odds of getting it in the other are elevated. Get the breast tissue removed and reduce your risk dramatically.

I created a post for someone else about reconstruction after a question they asked. Here is a link. Hope it helps you! Also, there is a fantastic book by Kathy Steligo called The Best Reconstruction Guidebook that lists the Doctors that do them. You can also search the net once you see someone you're interested in to see how other women fared with them doing the surgery. For outstanding results go for an outstanding surgeon. Insurance pays for it even though most say it doesn't. Argue for what you want and you may just get it, I know I did. Best wishes.

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ok.. typo queen here...

The BREAST reconstruction guidebook (which is the best by the way LOL)
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