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Size of Cyst make a difference?

I tried to post on the doctor site, but it wouldn't let me post yet. I just found out today that my mammogram showed something suspicious, my doctor said it was 7mm in size and she thinks we should just wait. The mammogram report suggests an MRI.  I don't know what to do - I am having other health issues, bloating, feeling of fullness, urinary frequency, swollen gland in my neck. I just turned 50 and I feel like I am falling apart LOL.  However, if anyone has a comment on what they would do or been through this, I do really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
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Have you had a complete physical?  Your gyn should be made aware of the bloating, urinary frequency, etc.  She/he may want to do additional testing such as transvaginal ultrasound. I hope that everything turns out to just be because "you're getting to that age" as my dr has told me in the past.  :)  God Bless.
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I had my yearly with my gyn in April and I had some problems. I had a tvus and they found small cysts, thickened endometrium and slightly enlarged uterus.  This she also wanted to wait on, thinks the cysts will just dissolve (and maybe they will).  I am 50 years old, so it is hard to know what is something to worry about and what is ok.  Sort of caught in the between perimenopause and post menopause, where all the recommendations are made.  Thank you for your response! I do appreciate it.
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It does seem like we start to fall apart all at once, so I completely understand have overwhelming everything can get. I just turned 48 and some days I fel like a 100. I hope when I am 100 I feel like 48. LOL. Here'e my story and although I am not trying to scare you, I think it is so important to act aggressively these days, as some cancers, and I pray yours is not, can become very fast growing in a short amount of time. Remember, this is just patient to patient, but I have been there and just finished up rads for 7 weeks after a lumpectomy and sentinile node removal for a 8mm mass, which was cancer. Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma to be exact. I had been getting mammos since I was 40, faithfully every year and I had no family history of any breast cancer. This years came back abnormall, then compression mammao and ultra ound suggested, then Ultrasound guided biopsy. Please now, that if your mass is suspicious it must, in my mind be further investigated. IT IS YOUR BEST CHANCE TO KEEP THIS AT A MINIMUM. Biopsy is the ONLY way to determine what the cells are made of. If your doctor wont do one, then get or go elsewhere. This is nothing to fool around with. OK, I have probably scared you, and I am sorry, but If I can help spread the word about early protection and agressive follow up, then I hope I have at least done that as well. GO back to the docs! Here's the kicker. Once I got my hands on the actual mammo report, it stated that the mass had changed in size from the previous year. What the heck...I was so mad and asked the gyno nurse why would they not let me know SOMETHING, even SO SMALL, was not seen the year before. Thank GOD it was small , which gave me hope that IT could not be anything to worry about. WRONG. I will never forget the word "Carcinoma" spoken into my ear. The rest was just a blur for the next 4 months. My prognosis is good, as it is only stage 1, grade 2. I am what is called HER2-(negative), which means it is not a fast growing type, but it is estrogen and progesterone positive, which means, since I have not gone through menapause yet, any cancer will feed off of my hormones. Again, a BIOPSY is the only way to determine all of this. Also, keep in mind that 80% of lumps, masses, suspicious areas, etc, are NOT CANCER. Again, you must know for sure, one way or the other. I will not apologize for this long post as I hope every person here reads it's and gets the message. IF, something has not been proven benign, then it has not been proven as not cancer or  or visa-versa. THIS IS CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, after all. Please be aware.
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I hope when you turn 100, you feel like 48!! or at least THINK you feel like 48 LOL
Thanks for responding to my post. You cannot believe how nice it is to find this forum (and others) and get responses. I have been tested for so many other things, I am about to lose my mind.  So when you responsed like you did, that just reinforces my thoughts and let's me know, I am ok and on the right track with things.  I am sorry to hear; however, that you have cancer.  I am so glad that you were persistant and that your prognosis is good.  You are not scaring me at all, and hopefully, others will read your long post because it is important and one of the best things that you could do was to post on here and let everyone know your story.  I feel like copying your story, giving it to my gyno and saying "Here, read this....maybe then she wouldn't Watch&Wait".  I have had regular mammograms since I was 40 also, and two years ago, I had a scare and they did an ultrasound and found nothing (which was good; of course), but I have thought of that often and worried that maybe they didn't see it but it was still there. I think your post was very informative and I appreciate it immensely. Thank you!
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