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Small lump in right breast - burning sensation increases pre-periods

Hi friends,
i'm 35 years old. My mother died of BC post menopause.
I started menstruating at 12 and had my first child at 32 years. I have a small 1 cm lump in my right breast. Took mammograms which were normal but my PCP asked me to o to a surgeon too to rule out any possibilities of BC etc

I have burning sensation, pain and all weird experiences before periods.

any one else experienced this?

Thanks for any help.
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Hello to you too...
Well, since your mammograms were normal,I don't thing that you have to worry about this little lump in your right breast.I presume that it could be a simple cyst or a fibroadenoma ( both benign findings).
Since you have a history of breast cancer in your family,your doctor is just being cautious and is advising you to consult a Breast surgeon just for a second opinion and perhaps further investigation,if he/she thinks it is needed.
Pain in the breast is very common ...It could be due to hormonal changes prior to your menstrual cycle.Keep in mind that a cyst or a fibroadenomas could cause the pain your are experiencing,but malignant tumors are almost never associated with pain.
Hoping that all goes well for you when you'll meet with the surgeon.
All  the best... :)
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