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Sore lump behind right nipple.

I've been putting off getting checked, in hope that it would go away. There is a sore lump behind my right nipple, about the size of it's areola. It has a harder feel to it than that of my left areola. There's more resistance if you squeeze it. It is also considerably more sore around the sides than it is around the top and bottom.

I've had this issue for about a month. It only became noticeable to me because of the soreness. Is there something I should be worried about?
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Dear septa scarabae:  Without evaluation, it is not possible for us to speculate on what this might be.  The general rule is that if there is a lump that can be felt, it needs further investigation.  Our advice is that you see a doctor for evaluation.
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All breast lumps should be checked by a doctor. Don't wait - make an appointment today.
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