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Spiculated Mass in Breast Cancer

I would like to have some informations about spiculated mass in breast cancer:

-About their time evolution: Which is their appearance stage compared to the evolution of breast cancer? Are they growing linearly or is it time-independant, like, can it have a huge growth and then nothing or does the spiculations spread continuously in the breast?

-What are their mechanism of evolution? What are the causes and is their evolution independant of the tissue they are in and its inhomogenouty?

-Are the spiculations more dense or more rigid than the rest of the breast tissue?

Thank you for your help!

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Here is some basic information  about spiculated masses recently posted by japdip:


Of course, if you are seeking information about spiculated masses because of a  breast issue you are dealing with personally, it would be best to discuss it with your doctors to learn how it would relate to your specific case.

However, if you are just seeking  information about spiculated masses in connection with coursework or a thesis associated with your PhD program, it would be best to obtain such detailed answers from your professors, text books, or through an Internet search focused on  sites for professionals engaged in radiology, breast ultrsound, etc.

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