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Stages of paget's disease of the nipple?

I've had "early symptoms" of paget's disease of the nipple for almost 5 years now.
Have had an array of creams thrown at me by GP'S and a dermatologist which work for maybe a week and then it comes back.
My question is does paget's disease of the nipple progress? It hasn't changed really over the 5 years. It's just the nipple, it peels skins every few days and is dry. Only weeps when I've scratched it in my sleep. Doesn't irritate me alot. Becomes itchy when skin starts to peel. My areola is not affected. I can't feel any lumps. I sometimes get pain in the nipple but that's only really during menstruation. Do I push to have this looked at by a Breast specialist or should I just continue to assume I have a skin problem?

I have another patch of skin on my leg which acts the same. I believe due to too much use of steroid creams for a small patch of dry skin. Is my nippke likely to be the same?

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Since you have had these symptoms for so long, I really doubt you have Paget disease of the nipple.
There are so many types of skin problems, such as  allergic reactions, eczema, fungal infection or just dry skin that can appear anywhere on the body, including the breasts, nipples and areolas.
It’s true that Paget Disease of the nipple can show improvement for a while but after a few weeks or even months (not years) the symptoms may reappear and show more serious destruction of the skin. At this stage, the symptoms may include tingling, itching, increased sensitivity, burning, and pain. There may also be discharge from the nipple, and the nipple can appear inverted or flattened against the breast.
My advice to you would be to see a different dermatologist for a second opinion and it wouldn’t hurt to consult a breast Specialist also for a clinical breast exam if it will give you peace of mind.
Take care…
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Thank you so much. My mind is at ease and I will certainly get a 2nd dermatologist opinion.
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