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I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma as well, and while they were doing the pre-op tests and doing the breast MRI they found something on my other breast that also wound up being invasive ductal carcinoma, so I have cancer in both breasts at the same time. My question is is how do you know what stage you are in? I go the 19th for surgery, lumpectomies and lymph node biopsies, so they will know if it has spread any further.

Thank you for any help,
Take care ladies,

P.S. Thank you bb for the advise.... ; )
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From reading your past posts I see you've had to fight for the right testing to find out about your own cancer. Good for you! Proactive is the way to start on this journey and the way to stay during it. It's never easy but for sure you can do this.

Staging will come after your surgery. As you have bilateral breast cancers, they will try to determine if it has spread or if it's two different cancers. Please let us help you as you go through this.

I've had a lot of difficulty with this site since August but have sent you a private message... not sure it went through or not but..

Best wishes.

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Thank you, that was what I thought but I wasn't sure. I got your private message and I sent one back I hope you got it.

Thank you again,
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Once you get more information, please update us on how things are going with you. Also,  write again if you need more information or just some emotional support, by adding additional comments to this same thread.

We care!

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I was operated on on the 19th and they did the lumpectomies on both breasts and took lympn nodes from both arm pits more out of the left, which is the side that the cancer apparently started on. After surgery they told us that the cancer had been there for quite a while and it looks like the last so called specialist I went to missed it..soooo...I'll have to look into what to do about that one. Any way, they also told us that lymph nodes were involved and now I have to also have chemo. I went yesterday and they removed the drain, but the final pathology repor wasn't back yet so I don't know what stage I'm at or how many lymoh nodes are involved yet. My surgeon said they should have the report with in a couple days so I'll post more as soon as I know the rest.

Thanks again bb..
take care
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I am so sorry to hear that your cancer was missed earlier, and that you have some lymph node involvement. It must be very frustrating, as well af frightening.

I hope that the spread is limited, and that treatment with chemo and maybe radiation will be successful!

Please do keep us posted as you learn more.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers,

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Thanks BB...

  I spoke with the surgeon this morning and although they are still waiting for the final report as far as the ER,PR and Her2 status goes they do know the staging. On the right breast I am stage 1 and on the left breast I am stage 2 with 1 node involvement...so  I am waiting for her to get in touch with the oncologist so I know what's next, other than chemo and later on radiation.

I'll let you know when I know more, Thanks again.

P.S. Oh and do you know what can help with the numbness and pain in the arm pits from them removing the nodes? My right side isn't too bad but the left side is really bad, I'm numb on the outside from the elbow up and down the left side of my body.

Thanks again for any help...
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