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I went to see my surgeon Tuesday and a young woman who worked with the surgeon went over my diagnosis. From my biopsy at this point I have been diagnosis with • Ductal carcinoma in situ (como type, high grade with neursis.) The mass or tumor is 2.5 cen
She seem to think I am at stage 0 which is good.
I read that stage 0 is precancer and does not usually grow?
How long would I have had this mass? Is it invasive? How dangerous is it compared to the
other stages?
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Stage 0 is precancer. It may grow into an invasive cancer and may not. You could have had this mass, forever.

But the docs don't know. Which DCIS will grow and which will not.  So, they treat all DCIS, aggressively. So, they won't get sued.

If i were you, I would get it cut out, with a lumpectomy. And then, do nothing, more. No radiation. No Tamoxifen. And go on a schedule of 6 month Diagnostic mammos/MRIs.

If anything comes back, they'll catch it early.

Deal with it then. That's what I'm doing.

And in my case, it was IDC and not DCIS. Worse. And I'm totally comfortable,with this.
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The breast carcinoma has  to treated aggressively when diagnosed early as it has better prognosis. I assume it to be stage 0 to Stage1 disease and should be addressed in a more aggressive manner.
The condition is not precancerous condition but is already a developing cancerous cells (carcinoma in situ). Hence you have two options --
1. Breast conservative surgery and
2. Mastectomy followed by chemotheray with or without radiation.

Discuss with your surgeon about all these and then decide
good luck.
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I I have DCIS with high grade. I went with lumpectomy and radiation. DCIS can get invasive that is why they recommend to get it out. It is stage 0 cancer or precancer. Marydenise recommends not doing the radiation or hormone therapy. She says "If anything comes back, they will catch it early." what if they don't , 10% of cancers are not detectable in Mamo or even MRI. Even after the radiation you need to get monitored every six months. Radiation would reduce the chance of DCIS coming back as DCIS or even invasive cancer. It is your decision to do what ever you think you need to do. You could have had this DCIS for long time and didn't know about it. It is not invasive it means it has not gone out of the duct. It is not aggressive yet but it can get. Do your research and make decision wisely. Good luck.
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