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Stereotatic breast biopsy

I had two areas biopsied via stereotatic core vacuum on thursday 5/13/10. I am extremely sore and very bruised still. I was off work thurs/friday and I had the weekend off. I am scheduled to go back to work tomorrow, Monday. I am an RN in ICU, I can not phantom pushing/pulling and lifting as sore as I am. I ended up calling off for tomorrow. I only have a work note for thurs/friday. I am worried The surgeon wont give me one for tomorrow?  My preliminary results are benign, for which I am greatful. but I guess I didnt expect I would be this sore and bruised. I have two incisions steristripped. Is it normal to still be sore and so bruised? 3 days later?
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Dear craftyrn1959:  As you no doubt know, the experience of pain and recovery varies widely amongst individuals.  Being bruised and sore and less than 1 week out of surgery is within the realm of normal.  You might discuss the situation with your head nurse and surgeon to see if the nature of your work might result in an extension of off duty or light duty.
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I understand about the surgery and soreness. But since this was not surgery but a procedure, and everyone at the breast center stated I would be able to go back to work, and acted like this was no big deal, I was unsure. I DID see my surgeon yesterday ( she didnt do the procedure but a radiologist did), and she was surprised at the bruising and pain. I have a hematoma, and I am off work until next monday.

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