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Still Concerned...

My first post with left breast issues was in March 2012. Fast forward to about a month ago...I was changing into my PJ's one night and just happened to glance down and noticed two beads of fluid on my nipple (left) top bead was greenish and one directly below it was clear (like water). Went to PCP 2 days later and had a mammogram and ultrasound on 10/4/13. Got a copy of radiology report and said no significant changes from annual mammo in April. The one thing I did realize is that previously my breasts were described as "heterogeneously" dense and now being described as "extremely" dense. It also said if symptoms continued/persisted, MRI could be considered. I have a lot of pressure and pain/tenderness (burning sensation too) to the area of my nipple and the breast to the outer side,when touched or even if my arm brushes it. Doing my SBE about 3 days ago noticed at the outer area of my breast (straight down from armpit) there are firm small lumps that have no pain. Called yesterday and made appointment with the Breast Specialist that did my lumpectomy in 3/12...the Breast Center suggested since he was the doc I had seen before, I should see him this time. When the lumpectomy was done, I kind of felt as if he did it just to "get me out of his hair" so to speak. My appt. with him is 11/18. Still having spontaneous discharge. Also...every so often my breast is itchy, but kinda like it's not my skin,it's deeper, like an itch you can't scratch (maybe that sounds stupid) SO...I guess my question is should I ask/insist on possible biopsy/MRI? OR...am I over-reacting? Could really use some advice! THANKS!!!

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  Hello! I'm back...I'll try to make it a "long story short" version. I did go to GWU Breast Care Center in December...had a bilateral MRI, found that left breast was fibrocystic. Feel fortunate that MRI was on both because they happened to find a 6mm suspicious area in the right breast that was not detected otherwise. Had ultrasound done and they decided to do FNA of area that was given Birads 4/5 score, due to my very dense breasts and even though they numbed me, bent the first needle and I could hear/ feel crunching as they made there way in and as they pierced the area I was in horrific pain as they were trying to draw fluid, I was crying and begged them to please stop. The report said it partially collapsed and was aytipical findings.
  When I discovered that the doc was very dismissive and couldn't take the time to talk to me (called on phone), literally about a 3 minute conversation...I decided that I was worth more than the "rush job" I got, I found another doc, recommended by a friend with previous BC diagnosis.
  He put on the "watch and wait", but at the one visit I did have with him, he was kind, and took the time to answer questions.
  I went for my bilateral annual mammo in April and paid for the additional option of 3-D, which they recommended due to my dense breasts. Last week I went for the 6 month follow up bilateral MRI and right breast US.
  I received the results letter in the mail today. Unfortunately, it says the dreaded words "shows an abnormality that requires further testing", also says..."if you have not talked with your health care provider, you should do so as soon as possible". I have a follow up scheduled for the first week in August with the doc.
  If a biopsy is once again the next step, I will be requesting no more FNA if possible.
  Gotta say I'm stressing a bit!    Laurie  :(
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You are welcome !
I am glad you feel confident about the Breast cancer center you found. I really hope that you'll also find a good doctor to help you better understand your risk and your screening options.
Hopefully all your questions will be answered to your complete satisfaction and ultimately give you peace of mind..
Good luck!
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Thank you for your input! I had originally made an appointment with the Breast Specialist in my area...but just didn't feel confident with him. I called The George Washington University Breast Care Center and made an appointment for myself today.I  will have to travel about 2 hours for my appointment,but after seeing the info on their website about their Breast Care Center, I feel like a weight has been lifted by doing this for myself. My PCP nor Breast Specialist had any interest when I would ask questions about my breast density. My appointment is 11/21. Again...thank you!
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Since you can feel firm painless lumps in the armpit area and have spontaneous unilateral nipple discharge,I am sure the Breast Specialist will make recommendation regarding these problems.Because you have "extreme dense breast" you can certainly insist to have a MRI which can be useful in gathering more information,so that whatever abnormality is detected can be clearly identified.
I could be wrong,but to me it sounds like Mammary Duct Ectasia ,which is a widening of the ducts of the breast that occurs most frequently in women in their 40s and 50s.The nipple discharge is usually gray to green in color and is the most common symptom,including pain around your nipple area.
This benign condition usually improves without treatment. However, if your symptoms persist, your Surgeon may prescribe antibiotics or possibly  recommend surgery to remove the affected milk duct.
The lumps in your armpit area,could be lymph nodes that have enlarged due to infection or inflammation..
I wish I could help you more with this,but you need to have some type of testing to obtain a correct diagnosis.
Wishing you all the best...
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