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Stomach Ultrasound?

My sister is 42 years old and has just finished her second bout with breast cancer.  She first had it in 2005 and it came back in 2007 at which time they removed the affected breast.  She has finished chemo but still goes for herceptin treatments every 3 weeks.  I have noticed that they often do not tell her things and it has led to a great deal of worrying on her part.  She was not allowed to have the herceptin last week because they said her heart was no good enough.  She went for treatment today and although she did recieve her treatment they have her set up for a bone scan next week and a stomach ultrasound tomorrow.  I have a basic understanding of why she needs the bone scan but why the stomcah ultrasound?  They didn't explain why she needed it.
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This is being done to rule out any metastasis to the liver. The most common sites of breast cancer metastasis are the liver, bones and brain. It is usual to get a bone scan and a USG abdomen for this reason. You should discuss all the treatment options and investigations in detail with your consulting physician. You have to make all your doubts known to him and ask him for all the options that you have. Only then will you be convinced rightfully.
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