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Stromal Fibrosis

I just had a lump biopsied earlier this week.  I have the findings, my doctor called from her cell phone to let me know it is benign and will call back next week to follow up.  But I like to be do some research so I can make informed questions.  I haven't been able to find a definition for exactly what is Stromal Fibrosis.  My findings were as follows:

1) Non-proliferative fibrocystic changes with marked stromal fibrosis
2) no epitelial atypia
3) normal adipose tissue

I should also add I do have a lot of fluid filled cysts, and I have a family history of breast cancer.  My sister had ductal carinoma.  

So what exactly is Stromal Fibrosis?  What is the future cancer risk for this, especially considering my family history?
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First of all, congratulations on your benign results of your biopsy !! Stroma is the supporting structure of an organ and Stromal Fibrosis is when the tissue is made up of fibers and is more firm than tissues that are made up of other types of cells. There is no increased risk ... you did mention that you have a number of cysts and this is called Fibrocystic Breast Condition and the cysts are of a more solid nature; like the lump that was biopsied. Keep in mind that just because this lump was benign doesn't mean that any future lumps will be also. Any new finding within the breast should be ck.d out.   Regards ...
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