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Subareolar Abscess

I have been dealing with unilateral nipple changes for about 5 years and recenty have developed a subareolar abscess. Tests have shown that I have cysts behind the nipple that have ruptured, causing the abscess. My breast surgeon says the ultimate cure would be to remove the nipple/areolar complex and affected ducts/tissue, which I am not opposed to. After consulting with a plastic surgeon he suggested a prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction because removing the nipple/areolar complex and affected tissue alone would not reconstruct well and leave my breast deformed. Has anyone else experienced this? Or had this kind of surgery for a subareolar abscess?

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I think you should seek a second or even a third opinion, before you go through any type of surgery,so the right decision can be made on how to proceed.In my opinion a mastectomy would be too drastic for a subareola abscess problem, before other treatments are considered.
I personally believe that additional information from doctors who specialize in this field,is key to having this problem resolve with the least complications.
Sometimes breast abscesses are very difficult to deal with,but unless your breast Surgeon has more information regarding your condition than what you are describing here,a subareolar abscess is usually first treated with antibiotics and if it doesn't clear up an incision and drainage is performed.If the abscess reoccurs,the surgeon would remove the abscessed cysts including the infected ducts.
Hoping that all goes well for you..
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