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I feel like i've been posting too often from the looks of things, can't help it tonight.

Two years ago I joined the Finger Lakes Runners club in upstate NY.  Last October I happened to mention to one of them, Karen, that I might not make a race becuz of a biopsy.  I don't know half of the club women and men at this point.  I had not been able to attend enough meetings or races to put more than a few faces to names.  Since then I have received gifts, extroadinarily heart felt breast cancer race items, cards, jewerly, emails, calls...still for some it beats me because ..I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

I guess it's time to  stop the feeling that if some one does something for you, you need to find a way to repay them.  Now I know that these gifts are for me to pass on.  To the next me who needs it.  God love you all.
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What a wonderful post. Sometimes we have to learn to recieve.
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