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My sister-in-law had a mastectomy 3 years ago after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time (in the same brreast). She looks fit and well but I lost another relative to cancer following secondaries 20 years ago and I'm worried my husband may also lose his sister to this terrible desease. I always thought that secondary diagnosis was virtually a death sentence. I know every case is different but what is the likely outcome for this woman, so very dear to many?
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A second occurance of cancer in the same breast isn't by any means a death sentence. Even metatistic cancer from the primary breast involvement isn't that either. There are many Stage IV survivors on a forum I visit. I must say that looking "fit" doesn't have much to do with having cancer though. It seems to strike the "fit" as well as the "unfit'. The forum I mentioned is BCSUPPORT.ORG ... you might ck. it out and read the posts from the many survivors.
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jagdip is right. You must be optimistic and keep your spirits high. Be there for the emotional support your sister-in-law needs at this time.

Visit her oncologist and breast specialist with her if possible and clear out all your doubts.

A recurrence is also treatable in many cases and only depends on the extent of involvement.

Let us know what her doctor tells you.

Keep us posted if you have any doubts.

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