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Swelling underneath left breast

A week ago there was noticable swelling underneath my left breast.  At the time they diagnosed it as contusion to the chest wall and gave me a prescription of Soma and Loritab.  3 days later the pain nor swelling had gone away so I went into my own Dr.  He noticed a lump above my nipple on my left breast and the swelling underneath my breast.  I was sent over for a CT angiogram and scheduled a mammagram for next Tuesday.  He spoke of the possibility of mastitis being the cause for the swelling and placed me on both viral and bacterial medication.  From what I read mastitis usually only occurs in breasfeeding women.  I am 13 yrs past having children and do not breasfeed.  The pain is horrible, as if feels like someone is continually punching me and the swelling is spreading towards the middle of my chest.  The swelling is painful and when I push on it it causes pain to the rib area as well.
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Dear CindyM, In an effort to alleviate the pain and swelling, evaluation of possible causes is needed, in order that the correct treatment can occur.  Because mastitis occurs most commonly in breast feeding women does not mean that it doesn't occur in other situations.  However, it is important to evaluate this occurrence to be sure that the treatment is appropriate. Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast and infection could be a cause.  A contusion is a bruise, usually caused by injury or trauma to the area.  Have you had an injury that could explain the bruising?
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I'd suggest that you be referred to a breast surgeon, who likely will be able to help decide between mastitis, other infection, etc; and will know if a biopsy or surgical drainage needs to be done. Mastisis is indeed most common in nursing women; but it can occur much later as well. As always, when there are significant breast changes, a definate diagnosis needs to be established.
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I have logged on for the first time
Noticed a number of comments re problems with left armpit(lump) and pain in left breast.
I have had the same problem for about two years.
Of recent weeks the breast pain has increased.
Last week I was sent for an Ultra Sound, await the results.
Over the years I have surgery for the removal of benign lumps and in 1982 had a reduction.
With all of these adhesions it was difficult to do a self examination so had regular mamograms.All showed no problems.
The last was done 9 months ago.
I find it strange that many women on this site have the same complaint.Problems with left armpit and left breast.
How do I post a question on this site.
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Hello,  This is a real good site!  The way you post a question
is as follows:

Early in the morning (about 8-9 a.m.) log onto this site.  Notice at the top of the page it has POST QUESTION.
Click post question and you can post yours.

The next morning there will be an answer.

They just take a certain number of questions a day.  That is the reason you have to ask yours early in the morning.
You may have to register first.  I do not remember.  I do have a password and post name.
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I'm so happy I found this site. I am 28 years old and last Spring I noticed that my right breast has swollen and is very sensitive on the far right side. It hurts to the touch. I went to my doctor here in the Netherlands and I later received a mammogram and then an ultrasound because they said my tissue was too fiberous to see anything with the mamo. The tests came back negative and I haven't heard anything else from my doctor. However the pain and the breast swelling are still there and now (for the past 5 months) I am also experiencing a sharp, stinging shooting pain that goes from underneath my arm to my elbow. It almost feels like a pinched nerve but there is also itching underneath my armpit. This is all only under my right arm. I have searched everywhere to see what it could be without much luck. I am concerned that it could be a cancer in the lymphnode. Is there any other viable explanation? What should I expect my doctor to do when I go back to him in terms of tests?
Thanks for your help!
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I may be a little late to this discussion, bit I have been having swelling in my armpit kind of between my breast and my arm. My breast, too has been enlarged. I have gong to the MD, had a mammmogram and they have found nothing. In noting the other comments posted, it seems that we all are either nursing or postmenopausal. I am wondering how many of the women with the issue are taking Premarin. This has just started with me since initiation of this drug and yet my OB/GYN does not think that there is a connection and will not try another medication. Anyone else?
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I have been experiencing pain and swelling on my right breast for the last three days. The pain came very sudden and each day the breats is a little larger. A few years back I had a small size lump on the right side between my breast and armpit. A sonogram proved it to be benign. And eventuslly it drained. I am very concerned because it is very sore and the nipple is sensitive to touch. I am 33 yrs old with no children and no history of breast cancer in my family tree. I have not been hit nor have I had rough handling of my breast. What should I do?
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