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Swollen Gland in Armpit

I am a 41 year old healthy, non-smoking, non-drinking female who has had yearly mammograms, all normal so far. A couple of days ago while shaving I noticed a painless, slightly swollen lymph node on the upper-right part of my armpit.   It's not hard or in any particular shape, just slightly swollen. You can only see that it's swollen when I extend my arm upwards. I tend to be somewhat of a hypochondriac because of my family's history of disease - pancreatic, lung and breast cancer among them, so I don't want to go rushing off to the doctor at every minor thing. Do you think I should wait and see if it gets larger before I have it examined? If so, how long should I give it? Could this be an indication of breast cancer? I have no other symptoms that I am aware of. Thanks you in advance for your reply.
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Dear ihatepvcs:  A small lump in the armpit could be many things, including an ingrown hair or a tiny reactive lymph node.  From the location you describe and your history of normal mammograms, it seems worth watching for a week or so.  If it does not go away, you should see a doctor for evaluation.  In the meantime, if it gets larger, you should call sooner to schedule an appointment.
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The swelling u r describing  could possibly one of the following

1)  Axillary lymph node which is mostly a benign

2) hypertrophied axillary tail of Spence

The best thing is to do a FNAC  or needle cytology

Dr Shivashankar
Consultant General & Laparoscopic surgeon
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Thanks for your comments and advice. I'm wondering if it were breast related, if the lymph node would be closer to my breast. In any case, i will have it checked out during my yearly gynocologist visit next week. Other than a cold two weeks ago and a spider and mosquito bite on that arm, I can see no reason why it should be swelled.
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