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Tamoxifen and Zoladex

I ws 39 when diagnoised with breast cancer this year.  2cm Tumour, grade 3 cancer but lymph nodes clear and no secondaries.  I have finished my chemo and in the middle of my radiotherapy.  My Oncologist is recommending I have hormone therapy.  I am ER and PR positive.  I have 2 young boys, 4 and 2 years old and I want to take every available treatment to stop the cancer coming back.  I had regular periods and was ovulating before the chemo, so not near menopause.  What are the main side effects of Tamoxifen and should I ask the Oncologist to prescribe Zoladex also to supress the ovaries.  What would the side effects fo the Zoladex be.

Any help appreciated.
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I can't comment on Zoladex. But I was on Tamoxifen not for Breast Cancer, but being at a high risk.
My side effects for the first few months was........... irregular periods, a crawling feeling on your head, hot flashes, night sweats, joint pain. After a few months the side effects had pretty much gone away, except for the night sweats, but after all the side effects, I still feel like the Tamoxifen was worth taking.  I hope this helps.
(I started Tamoxifen at 35, and finished at age 39)
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Thanks very much for your comments, really helpful
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