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Tamoxifen for person with Stage III Kidney Disease

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 56 yr old and a "BIG CHICKEN" when it comes to needles, Doctors and Hospitals!!!! I have Type II Diabetes (diagnosed in 2003), Stage III Kidney Disease (Just diagnosed July 30, 2008) and maybe COPD (still testing for it).

My mammogram report came back as 2 separate clusters of microcalcifications. They were reported to be pleomorphic and are suspicious for malignancy.

ACR BIRADS Category 4 - SUSPICIOUS Abnormality - BIOPSY should be considered.

Anyway, now comes the hard part, WAITING for the Biopsy results. I'm adopted, so have no family history to relate to for Cancer risk.

Well I finally got my Biopsy report on Wed Dec 3rd. Not too sure about the results other than my General Surgeon wants me to see an Oncologist. I did ask him for a copy of the report and he wants to see me in 6 weeks after going to the Oncologist. I "Think" I may have LCIS. There was also mentioned in the report of "atypical lobular hyperplasia". The report reads like GREEK to me.

My biggest concern is maybe the treatment of Tamoxifen with the other health issues I have MAINLY the Stage III Kidney Disease (Just diagnosed July 30, 2008). I am taking a LOT of other meds with a special diet due to the CKD and Type II Diabetes. I do have an appointment this coming Friday (HOPEFULLY if my insurance APPROVES it) with my new Oncologist. I guess I need some reassurance to calm me down as all I've been thinking about since the 3rd is this.

Any input greatly appreciated.
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Dear D_Mooney2008:  Your oncologist should be able to help clarify the biopsy report and outline the options for you.  If there is any question, the kidney doctor and the oncologist and surgeon may discuss the situation and come up with a plan that will be appropriate to your situation.  
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