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Tender Breast Lump

I just discovered a large, tender lump in the very lower-inner quadrant of my breast extending below my breast towards my sternum..  Approximately 1.5 - 2 inches in size.  The skin around this lump is red.  Prior to discovering this lump I saw my PCP who ordered my 1st screening mammogram which I haven't had yet.  Should I go ahead and have the screening mammogram or should I see my physician first?   Will a mammogram show a lump this low in my breast?
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If you had this lump when you saw your Dr. and he/she examined your breast then I would certainly have the mammogram without further delay. Perhaps an Ultrasound might be done as well following the mammogram. If you didn't have this lump then I would suggest that you see your Dr. as soon as possible.  Two answers are better than one, right ??? Since you mentioned the skin around the lump being red it doesn't really sound like the typical breast lump involving breast tissue.  Regards ....
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