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This year results

Hi Zouzi
Last year I sent you my results and you were a great help to me !! I really hope you answer me this time and explain to me my new results!
I had 3 days ago my yearly mammogram and ultrasound.the mammogram report says: we are pleased to report that no abnormalities suggestive of cancer were detected on the screening mammogram!
My ultradound sound procedure : axilla bil breast uls - b
My ultrasound report:
At the left side, a tiny 0.3cm hypoechoic area seen close to the nipple. This may represent island of parenchymal tissue.No focal suspicious solid nodule is detected. 2 lymph nodes are identified in the left axilla . Larger one measure 1 cm.
At the right side , small 0.3cm focal areas are present at 6:00. Similar appearance was also noted in the last examination and may represent parenchymal tissue. No suspicious solid nodule is detected. The right axilla is unremarkable.
The breast parenchyma is prominent bilaterally. This is unchanged.
Birad: 2
To be honest with you the ultrasound report is freaking me out , please i really urge to answer my questions , I am so scared , because my mother had breast cancer at age 69 and my sister at age 49

My questions:
-What is this hypoechoic area in left breast mean? Is it precancerous?
-why 2 lymph nodes were identified in left axilla?ARE THEY ENLARGED ? Are they abnormal? Does it mean that cancer is spreading to the 2 lymph nodes that were seen on ultradound? Please explain to me!!!!
This is the first time lymph nodes are mentioned that they were seen in axilla on my ultrasound report!
I really urge you to cone back to me as soon as possible!
Waiting for your reply anxiously!!!!
Thank you
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Hi leslie5,
I hope that I am going to be of some help also this year.
Well, first of all,Congratulations!!... Your mammogram and ultrasound tests state that there is NOTHING in your breasts,including the axillary node, that look suspicious.
A BI-RADS Category 2 means that the breasts are same size and shape and tissue looks normal. Any cysts, fibroadenomas, or other masses look benign,meaning no "Cancer"
Please don't worry as you did last year,because you really have nothing to worry about!
Just keep the recommended follow-up,do your BSE ( breast self exam) regularly to check of any changes and that's all you have to do.
Wishing you a continuing benign Mammogram and Ultrasound report for many years to come! :)
All the best!
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Thank you so much Zouzi for your prompt reply!!! You really explained  well  and relieved of  my worries!!!
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