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Throbbing pain on side of both breasts

Hello, I am 28 years old. Im currently,at the moment, and off and on, have been having sudden pain on both sides of my breasts. The pain suddenly happens, feeling a throbbing, stinging pain; that I would rate at a 7.
I looked in the mirror, I noticed on the side of the right breast theres a deformity slightly under the skin, as well as a vein going from my areola to mid breast bulging, that has appeared about 3-4 days ago. The left breast on the side has also a deformity with a shaped bruise and what looks like little knots under the skin. Both sensitive to touch.  There has been no trauma, no strenuous activity to the area, let alone my body. Is this normal, for something like this to just appear!?
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These issues certainly do sound rather odd and this may be some type of circulatory problem. I would doubt any connection with Breast Cancer since this is happening on both sides. I would advise you to make an appointment as soon as you can with either your Primary Care Physician as a starting point OR perhaps someone specializing in Breast issues. I definitely would NOT say this is normal and it does need some immediate attention to discover the cause.  Regards .....
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Thanx you for the advice, I will be attempting to schedule an appointment with a GP. Just have to first find not only the best doctor but also the best fee; due to me not having insurance. While doing a breast self-exam, it starts causing pain, not allowing me to press, and do a circular motion. I cant stop staring in the mirror, looking at the right breast, noticing the extreme change of it becoming flat, round (oval) shaped, that is sagging to the right. My mind is trying to convince that nothing is wrong but my body, my gut is saying something is wrong.......just breath i say ;-)
Ill definitely keep you posted.
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Im definitely going to schedule an appointment. Below was a suggestion from a doc on askthedoctor.com:

t looks like you have developed an acute inflammation or thrombosis of the breast veins. The lesion or deformity you have described could be a developing mastitis or an abscess which needs a complete evaluation. Since you have a history of varicosity, it is recommended that you see a doctor at the earliest to sort it out as these can be connected. You will need a few painkillers till then and you can wear loose fitting breast support. Evening primrose oil supplements are known to relieve the symptoms of breast aches.

Hope this helped.
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