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Tingling under left nipple

Hi I'm 20 years old and tonight out of no where my left nipple had this on and off tingle sensation. It does hurt its just annoying. I have nexplanon in so I doubt I'm pregnant since I have no other symptoms and my period with it has been so light and hardly even comes that I don't know when it will come again. My grandmother had Brest cancer and I want to make sure it's not related. There is no discharge or any other symptom. I just haven't had this happen before
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There can be several possibilities that could cause this tingling sensation. It could be pregnancy, hormonal changes, irritated nerve endings,or perhaps an infection. I doubt very much that your symptoms indicate breast cancer. Nipple tingling is a temporary annoyance and hopefully it will likely settle down on its own soon…However if the discomfort persists and you notice nipple discharge, skin changes or a lump under your nipple, please see your Doctor for a clinical breast exam.
Best wishes..
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