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I am taking tomaxacin for 3 years.   Now they want me to take it for five years.  I hear that 3 years is alright to do
I am afraid of staying on because of the side effects.  I can not go on other Aramedix and I can not take bone bills because my nevrves on my feet hurt.

Do you know anyone that just did 3 years of it and they did fine.

thank you
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5 years is the standard protocol, but your decision should be between you and your oncologist.  I don't know the specifics of you or your cancer, but I can tell you that I'm premenopausal and was Stage 3 and the plan is to keep me on Tamoxifen for at least 10 years.

Understand the side-effects aren't great, but a return of cancer that can be prevented would be worse, don't ya think?  Doesn't guarantee cancer won't return, but it has been shown to help.
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Five years is the standard recommendation for Tamoxifen. The only time I've known of a shorter course of treatment is when a pt. is switched to another drug due to severe side effects. I wouldn't advise stopping after only 3 years. I don't quite understand your statement about being afraid to take it longer due to side effects. If you've been able to tolerate it for 3 years there shouldn't be any increase in the severity of side effects now.  Regards...
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Thank you for answering me.  But I am worring about uterus cancer.  Two people I know got uterus cancer.   They did it for five  years.  so now that is why I am concerned,.  I was told by two other girls they only did  3 years and that was it and they would not do it for five . one of them are fine it has been 2 years off of tomaxacin.   Plus I heard that three years was sufficient.   I had positive Estrogen on my left breast  Micro calcification cancer the stage was 0-1 and my lympth nodes were clear.  

Plus I heard the medical advice said three years was sufficient to take Tomaxacin and they will put you on Aramdix which i will not do.  the two people said the side effects were awful  they could not walk there bones hurt.  they went off completely .   I took Actonal to set up for the aramadix but in 4 weeks of taking actonal without aramadix because they wanted to build up my bones for i have osteopenia.  I could not walk I got Morton Neuroma which is the nerves under my feet swelled up from taking actonel.   I felt like an old lady and it was painful.   So now my oncologist wants me to stay on Toxmaxcin.

hope i am clear now.

thank you
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Obviously you don't intend to follow the recommended treatment so there isn't much more that I can say. It is up to the pt. to accept or refuse any and all medical treatment so you are within your rights. I always think of it as "how much of a gambler you are" ... we all have our own values and beliefs. Arimidex is often given after Tamoxifen to post-menopausal women ... I would like to add though that you cannot go by what someone else has experienced. Each and every person as well as their medical case is vastly different ... one person's reaction has nothing to do with another's. Do whatever gives you peace of mind and remember that you are the one who will experience the results of your decision ... Regards ....
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Thank you again  I am still taking the Tomaxacin.  Hopefully it is the right thing to do.
I will have to pray about it.  I know I have to make a decision  but I wanted to know how people felt about taking it and what they heard.  Like you said everyone has a different case
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