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Tumor shrinkage

I have invasive lobular cancer, with a 5 cm tumor.  I am having pre-surgical chemo.  It has been almost three weeks since my first treatment (AC), but the tumor has not changed at all that I can tell.  Does this mean the treatment isn't working?  The doctor wants to continue through four cycles.  At what point would it make sense to try a different drug?
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Dear Jo2, It is too early to give up on this treatment plan.  It could very well be that cancer cells are being killed within the tumor and this would not be able to be felt on physical examination.  The usual plan would be to complete all four cycles and then evaluate for surgery.  Changes to this plan would be if there was evidence that the tumor was growing despite the chemotherapy, or that you are not able to tolerate the treatment.
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May I share my experience?
I received 3 doses of Taxol and also continued with daily radiation with twice a week Taxol, all before surgery.
I had the same anxiety after the first treatment.
It is rare to see a drastic change only after the first dose but there could be a pathological change that can not be felt with just feeling it. Give it two treatments beofre you determine that it is not working. That is what my oncologist said. I saw a definite change right before third dose. (almost three weeks after the second dose). It tries your patience, I know. I just completed ALL my treatment.
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