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Dear Friends,

We are so sorry that the forum remains closed.  We are working feverishly to find a sponsor to help defray the costs required to run this forum.  If you are aware of ANY organizations such as pharmaceutical companies or consumer products companies which might be willing to sponsor our forum, PLEASE let us know!!

I'm a breast cancer survivor (5 years) and truly understand how valuable this forum is!

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Cindy Thompson
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I have a question, hoping someone might be able to answer or give me their thoughts.  I am 33 yrs old, no childern, no family history of breat cancer, and all blood work 3 months ago came back excellent.  April, May, Sept and November I have had intermittent left breat pain, underarm area to the breast, and occasionally on the right as well. Breast pain isnt severe, and its not every month either, but it does concern me.  I have not found any lumps, but I do notice on the left breast very close to the underarm that I itch occassionally.  THe left breast today was somewhat scaly but not on the nipple or areloa, and i have no nipple discharge either.  My left breast has always since puberty hit been larger than my right, so I'm concerned with what I'm feeling and am afraid and embarrassed to go to the doctor because of the different sizes of my breast.  Can someone please give me their thoughts on the discomfort and all.


p.s. its reasons like this that this forum should stay open
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also, sometimes, but not as often the right breast itches on the outer side by the underarm also.  Thats where it itches on the left too.  Some insight would be great thanks
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It's not uncommon for the breasts to be of different size (and usually it's the left that's larger). That is no reason to stay away from the doctor. Most things that cause breast pain are NOT cancer; likewise itching, unless there's a specific type of rash on the nipple itself. So what you describe is not very worrisome. HOWEVER, any change in breast symptoms needs an evaluation. You should absolutely see your doctor for a physicial exam and, depending on your age, a mammogram.
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thank you I appreciate your response and insight.  Feels good to know that there are still people viewing this site for support and advice.
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There is another website where a medical professional answers questions about breast cancer. It is http://boards.webmd.com/topic.asp?topic_id=30.
The host has a very busy schedule and can't always respond promptly, but his advice is very useful.  
You'll also miss out on Surgeon's valuable contributions, but it is a lot better than having nowhere to turn.
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Thanks "A Husband" for passing along that link.  It is another very helpful tool for us.
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