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I'm 15 male and for the last three months or more i have had a tender reasonably sized lump in my right nipple. It looks no different to my left nipple but something is definitely wrong. After reading  a few things, i thought it may be something to do with hormones, It may not be related but i am very far behind puberty compared to people around me, eg leg hair, height, so on..........I am going to a doctor but i would really like to know if anyone has experienced the same or know what it COULD be........thanks.
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Hi there,
The kind of lump that you describe,sounds to me as if it is the result of a condition called Gynecomastia, which is a swelling of the entire breast or a swelling that is restricted to the nipples that can last for quite a while.
The reason for this is, exactly as you said, a hormonal imbalance in teenagers that occurs due to puberty.
Your doctor will be familiar with this condition from experience.A lot of young men your age have this problem and you have nothing to worry about okay?
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