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Ultrasound showed mass with bright white edges and a tail. Changed 2 weeks later.

I'm 27 yrs. old. My daughter is 9 weeks old. At my 4 week check up I pointed out a lump to my OB. I didn't/don't breastfeed. He said that it could be a clogged milk duct and sent me to a surgeon. The lump went away, but I saw the surgeon anyway to make sure. The Dr. agreed it had gone away, however, he found a mass deep in my right breast. I didn't know it was there! He sent me for an ultrasound. They found a mass with bright white edges that had some denting and a tail. I was set up for a lumpectomy. within a week I had two very painful lumps show up in my right armpit along with one in my left. I also had a rash/pimple outbreak appear under, on, and between my breast. When I was brought in to have a guide wire put in for the surgeon the noticed my one breast mass had grown and there was now another as well where the tail of the first had been but this second mass had a tail as well. They removed both during surgery. The lumps in my armpits are still there. What could I be looking at? I just want to be prepared.
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Hi and welcome to our community!

I understand how difficult it is to wait for results, and that you want to be prepared.

However, I hope you will understand that there is no way someone on the Internet could tell you more about what to expect than your doctors who have done  physical exams oof your breast,  have available imaging results, and in the surgeon's case, has actually seen the masses .  And even they won't know for certain until the pathology report comes back.

We'll be thinking of you and hoping for benign results.

Please update us, by adding a comment to this same thread, once you know more, or if you have additional questions. (Sorry not to have been of help with this question...)

Best wishes...
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