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Unconcerned Doc

I recently discovered that I have a lump in my left arm pit.  At first I thought it could be a bug or spider bite or an allergic reaction to my deodorant.  After a couple of months I noticed it was still there and I had changed deodorant.  I told my OBGYN about the lump and changes in my over health.  She did a breast exam and this kind of upset me, 1. I have implants and 2. she did not even feel for the lump in my armpit.  I expressed my concern and she ordered a  CBC and that was it.  The nurse called and said the blood test results were normal and they send me to the medical center for an ultrasound in 2 weeks.  

I feel as though they are unconcerned and basically blowing off my concern.  I am not the type of person to over-react or become emotional or upset over simple things however I believe combined with the changes in my over all health in the past 8 months and this lump that has not only not gone away but has become sore and larger is a big deal.  I want to get a second opinion but on the other hand I do not want to come across as aggressive.  

I just want to know what is going on and I am more scared and worried about this than I have ever been about anything in my life.  I am about to celebrate my 31st birthday in November and my oldest child is 5.  The idea of having cancer scares the **** out of me and I want to know as soon as possible so that I can begin my battle if that is what is called for.  

I asked my OBGYN if she would order the lab tests that screen for cancer and she told me that she did not feel it was necessary at this point and that I should be careful because my insurance my not cover all of the costs.  I do not care if they will pay for it or not, I will pay out of pocket, peace of mind and knowing for certain is priceless!

Should I give this doctor the chance to redeem herself or should I just go to a different doctor and explain the situation?

I am so scared and confused.
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I'm not sure what you expected your Dr. to do .... as I see it she did exactly what was called for in this type of situation. There aren't any lab tests that screen for cancer and she did order an Ultrasound which is exactly what any Dr. would do under these circumstances. I don't think a second opinion is in order until you have followed the recommendation of your present Physician. I feel certain that the next Dr. would also do a breast exam, ck. for infection (blood test) and then order an Ultrasound. I think you are receiving adequate medical care up to this point. Lymph nodes become enlarged for a number of reasons and certainly NOT always cancer. You have no breast symptoms and that seems like a good sign. I'm sure the US will shed some additional light on your situation.  Regards .....
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Your doctor did the CBC to check for an infection, in which case, if it showed infection, she would have treated you with an antibiotic.

But since no sign of infection showed up she is sending you for an ultrasound which will take a closer look at both your breasts, and the lump under your armpit.

The purpose for the US is I think to take a first look into the possibility of cancer.
The test is also usually more informative than a mammogram at your age, and with the implants as well.  Plus, it will check out the lump which a mammogram doesn't.

Your doctor did the right thing but I think you may be upset because she did not talk to you enough, that you feel she did not take your concern seriously, did not explain her thoughts and actions, and/or did not reassure you in any way.

And for that I think you are entitled to feel upset, but I also think as japdip does in that the actions she took are appropriate at this point.

Please let us know what happens?



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Their office was more concerned about billing my insurance than treating me.  There are lab tests that are protein or tumor markers which can indicate a problem and when I asked for those I was told that they wanted to get clearance from my insurance.  The nurse also told me that if I have waited this long to do anything about the lump then I should not try to rush them now.  After their nasty attitude I asked how experienced the doctor was in regards to breast issues and was told that she isn't a doctor but a nurse practitioner!

I called a local women's health center and made an appointment.  They are going to conduct the blood tests and when I told them about the CBC and how the nurse told me my Glucose was 52 and did not elaborate as to what that meant they are also repeating that as well.  

The office that I went to previously tested me for STDs which is rather ridiculous but they wouldn't do the other testing.  They also did a pregnancy test which was a total waste considering I had a tubaligation 2 years ago and my husband had a vascetomy 2 years ago, which they are aware of.

I have had 2 previous breast surgeries which make my situation a little different, I had a breast reduction 3 years ago and breast augmentation 1 year ago.  Due to these surgeries changes in my breasts would not be as prominent if they were "natural".  I have spoken to several medical professionals and each of them are baffled as to why she was feeling of my breasts when they are basically just filled with saline and due to severe nerve damage, I have no feeling in either of them.

I am going today to get a second opinion with a more proactive physician's office that specialize in breast care as well as they are doctors, not nurse practitioners.  I will keep you all posted with what happens.

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I am glad you did all that. it's horrible to be treated like you explain here. I really understand. best, Kat
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I think what bothers me the most is that she didn't palpate the underarm lump. What's up with that?

That's like going to a dentist with a toothache and they give you a breast exam instead.

I think I'd be upset too.

Best wishes :)
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