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Under arm lump - large

I had liposuction and breast augmentation in April of this year. I notced in the last 2-3 months a large lump, asymmetrical in the area where my underarm meets my breast (which is right where the lipo was done)
I showed my plastic surgeon, he gave me antibiotics, but still there and not shrinking. It is the size of a very large grape, round, squishy feeling and does not hurt. I am going back to him to get it looked at again.
I am only 33- and no history of breast cancer in family. My doctor siad he had never seen a lump like that occur after surgery but it was not there before the surgery so is it the surgery that caused it?
should I be worried? or just leave it alone...
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It has to be investigated further. What can be the best option is to go for a mammogram/ USG and that would clear out doubts. It usually is very rare for such lumps to occur post surgery, but that is not the rule. Was a mammogram / USG done prior to the surgery? Have you noticed any change in the size of the lump? Discuss with your physician and schedule a mammogram/USG at the earliest.
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Your query regarding a lump in the axilla following an cosmetic procedure, does not mention about the type of breast augmentation procedure. Was the augmentation done by some implants or was a  muscle flap used. In any case, taking into account that you had also undergone liposuction  possibility of seroma could be considered. It is advisable that you consult the plastic surgeon and proceed further as advised by him.
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