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Under-arm lump

What can I say to some one that has an under-arm lump for the past 14yrs and does not want to trouble it and thinks it is better left alone.  Can this be dangerous to be left untreated?
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What is the age of the person we are talking about?

Is the lump present on one or both sides?

You would need to convince him/her to see a physician at least. that ways atleast the probbale diagnosis could be got.

An under lump present for 14 years is most probably benign or non cancerous; but would need a clinical examination for the list of probbale diagnosis and some investigations for a confirmed diagnosis.

Has the lump changed in size or were there any other features on breast examination like a breast lump or nipple discharge or skin changes etc?

Nothing can be advised without a visit to the physician.

Hope you are able to convince this person to see a doctor.
Do let us know about the progress.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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