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Underarm Pain

Am concerned about shoulder pain I originally noticed almost 4 weeks ago while sleeping. Don't use a pillow, but always lay on my left side with head resting on l. forearm and underside of palm of left hand/wrist. This is when I first noticed pain in shoulder, like it was stiff and wouldn't stretch to normal position. Kind of like muscle or bone felt like it needed to crack to stretch or extend all the way. Then, I began noticing a dull pain under arm on same shoulder. Waited a week to see if resolved. Didn't. Went to PCP who felt under arm (looking for Lymphoma or lump) and did X-ray. Found nothing, but underarm did hurt when he poked on particular spot. I'm 45, 2 kids, hysterectomy, but no HRT, on Evista and Synthroid. Gave me Ketoprofen, but doesn't seem to help. More concerned about underarm pain than shoulder. Get an annual exam & mamo each year in March-all normal. Went to an orthopedic who scheduled MRI. Said bursitis or deltoid something or rotator cuff, but can move arm every way except l. arm in front of body either straight or elbow bent and take right hand and move elbow from l. to r. across body. The inward motion is what kills the back of l. shoulder. Und.arm pain doesn't get worse at this time, but rather feels heavy, tender and throbs many times during day. Because both occur on same side I feel they may be related. Ortho says underarm pain not usually assoc with shoulder. Do you think it's breast related in any way? Can't feel any lumps and am 5'5", 130 and small breasted. Don't know which way to go w/ this: ortho or breast? Please help.
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Dear Texas Mom of Two:  As the pain is in your shoulder and you have had a normal breast examination and mammogram, it is logical to conclude that this is much more likely to be an orthopedic problem than a breast problem.  Of course, if you should discover a lump in your breast or underarm, it would need to be investigated.  
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