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Underarm lump

I’m male 29yo.
8 months ago (august) i‘ve shaved my armpits with wax, Which left me with some serious skin irritation for at least 2 months( redness, pain, inflammation, etc). In October, while i still had some inflammation under my armpits, i noticed a pea sized lump, red, under my right armpit.
I thought it might be due to waxing and i just stopped using deodorants and kept the area clean. It got A bit smaller in size but again in January, I realised it turned red and swollen again, with no pain, you could easily see something was there, like a peanut.
The doctor initially thought it was hidrosadenitis, and i used some antibiotic ointment on it.
Didn’t seem to do much though. Now, after 8 months, the swelling is down, it’s not red anymore, and you can’t see the bump like I would previously do, but if i press on that spot, i can still feel a pea size lump...
I can’t get it checked again because of coronavirus unfortunately.
Does anyone have any insight on this issue ?
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Still have to wait for a consultation as the nurse said to me on the phone, "Well, if it got smaller in size and it's not red anymore it doesn't sound like something serious"
Yes it got smaller in size and it's not red anymore, but it's still there for months now. It doesn't affect me in any way, I don't even feel it when i wash if i  don't press on it specifically, but just knowing that something is there and not knowing what it is, makes me extremely anxious.
I'm not even sure how i can describe this accurately. It's like a pea size lump, which if massaged or pressed on it a few times, you can't feel it anymore for some time. That area is also full of  "(tiny round bulges or lumps, the kind that i can feel everywhere on my inner thighs as well, so i know that's how it supposed to be, if it makes sense)
just that that one which was swollen and red starting 6 months ago, is still under the skin.
Today for example, it felt like it was pointy. making me scratch it, like it's a trapped hair kind of feel.
But not everyday feels like this, other times it's just a simple bump.
It's so frustrating, maybe it's something benign, but can't figure out what it is on my own, and can't get it checked either.
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Yes, he doesn’t know what it is  at the moment and i Have  to wait for the lockdown to be lifted to be seen again, he said it should’ve healed a long time ago if his first diagnosis would’ve been right. Now I’m concerned since it’s been 8 months already, half the size, but still there.
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Hi - did you mean hidradenitis, as in hidradenitis suppurativa?

That's not a cancerous condition, though it is very painful, and very tough to treat. Unless you have an actual infection, antibiotic creams won't do anything.

You should look into the HS Foundation - https://www.hs-foundation.org/,  and the HS Institute - https://www.hs-institute.com/

Depending on where you live, there are other resources as well.



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I'm realizing now that your doctor doesn't think that now, but take a look and see if your symptoms fit that.

If not, in most places, you can still get essential medical care under lock down, and this would probably qualify.
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Thank you for your answer.
Yes, i am concerned that the doctor may overlook this because i’m a man and because she stated that if it shrinks down it’s probably not serious, but it doesn’t feel like it’s a safe approach, lately many close friends were diagnosed with cancer, so it’s stressful.
It did Appear while i had inflammation under my armpits and the swollen did retract like 50%, it went from being a peanut size bump easily observable under the skin to a pea size lump that’s not visible, but palpable,  a bit hard,. And for the past month i managed to get my underarm skin look healthy again with warm compress used daily, And no deodorant, But i’m concerned because the lump didn’t went away.
Does it make any difference if it got smaller in size but it’s still there ?
Last week i kept touching it and It went red like a needle size in the middle, but I stopped and it went away.
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Hi there!  I take it you are concerned about cancer and think it is an enlarged lymph node since you posted here?  Yes, men can get breast cancer although it's not as common.  Because it is rare, do you feel your doctor isn't taking that into consideration?  Here's an article on it.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/male-breast-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20374740.  We do sometimes though also get cysts in that area.  I had one and it had to be needle aspirated.  A clogged sweat gland can also cause a little lump.  Do you have anything on the breast or is the concern only under the arm?  Normally if there is a concern, they'd biopsy the lymph node (if it is a lymph node).  Remember too that lymph nodes also react as an immune response.  I had one that was enlarged in my arm pit for over 6 months after being sick.  Here is a whole list of what it 'could' be.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317047#causes  Our area is beginning to open back up and you can see a doctor if you need to.  Hopefully you will be able to soon.  
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