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Untreated Mastitis/Abscess

I was diagnosed with Mastitis 2 weeks ago. I was given Keflex. I had to go to the ER, due to being uninsured. I was told upon discharge to have a mammogram immediately upon completion of medication. That isnt possible, because as I stated, I have no insurance and cannot self pay. I finished the antibiotics, cold packs, warm compresses, ibuprofen for pain etc. The antibiotics did not work, not even a little bit. I am aware I should be having this rechecked, but I cannot. I cant afford another trip to the ER, unless its critical. My question is, what are certain symptoms I need to watch for, with this untreated infection, that may indicate serious trouble? Is there anything I should look for, that will warrant the expense of another ER visit??
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Untreated Mastitis usually results in the formation of an abscess. Any untreated infection is NOT a good thing ... it can only get worse. The abscess may have to be drained and left open to heal from the bottom up and that certainly isn't cheap. How about a refill of the antibiotic you were prescribed ?? The Pharmacy could call the Dr. and get an OK on that. You can't just let an infection continue without treatment. I'm not sure why the mammogram would be recommended in such a case but perhaps the Dr. had his reasons for that. Most hospitals have Urgent Care facilities as well as Emerg. Rooms ... is there not one in your area ??? You might also ck. with the local Health Dept. regarding care. If you have no money to self pay then contact your local Welfare agency. Regards ....
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