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Unusual Nipple/Breast Pain?

For reference (in case it matters): 37 years old, 36 I cup size, inverted left nipple, irregular periods, no family history of breast cancer.

One night while sitting in bed I had a sudden burning sensation in my left nipple. It was a sharp pain that almost felt like something bit or pinched me, but then immediately felt like an actual burn. I rubbed my nipple and it felt very sensitive and kind of tender. The pain was gone almost as quick as started. The next day my nipple felt sensitive, not crazy sensitive, but just slightly different than normal. I kept rubbing it throughout the day trying to figure out what was going on and if it still felt weird. I also did a breast exam that night, because I was worried and I thought I felt a lump. With my breasts being so large it was hard for me to find what I felt and I began to wonder if I had actually felt anything at all. Since then (about 1-2 weeks) I have had random pain in my left breast. It feels like a mild burning sensation on the skin around the outside of my nipple, accompanied by a pulling from the inside of my nipple to the inner side of my breast. Tonight as I was feeling around the area of pain I found the lump I had felt before. It seems semi-deep within the breast, but not necessarily so different than other tissue that I feel in my breasts, except that it actually feels round vs kinda ropey. I have no discharge from the nipple, no other real changes to my breast. It is possibly swollen a little, but that may be from excessive prodding to find the above mentioned lump. My irregular periods are similar to what my mom experienced prior to going through menopause in her early 40s. She had extremely heavy bleeding everyday for 2+ years. I have long periods, sometimes extremley light, but they last 2+ weeks and I only have 5-10 days before the start of my next cycle. I plan to make an appt with my doctor Monday, but just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this at any point and what it turned out to be. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. I'm trying not to freak myself out. Thank you!
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Diagnostic considerations of nipple inversion include cancer, duct ectasia, mastitis (redness, pain, and edema), Paget's disease (itchiness, excoriation, and eczema), Mondor disease (superficial thrombophlebitis, may be associated with pain, palpable cord), sequela of prior trauma or surgery, or normal variation (often reversible, congenital, and bilateral). New progressive onset unilateral nipple inversion is more concerning/suspicious than chronic longstanding bilateral nipple inversion. It is good that you are taking the first step of making an appointment with your doctor. You definitely need a diagnostic mammogram and probably a breast ultrasound as well.
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