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Unusual breast lump

I have an oval size 50 cent piece size lump above my left nipple that is sore and hard but moves when I move it....I am a 42 year old female who has had a partial hysterectomy at the age of 26....I have taken a picture of it with my camera phone and a redness is shown around the lump....I would like to know if this is something to worry about being I do have fibrosis cysts in my breasts that have needed to be drained...but this lump is larger and completely different than  what I have had in the past...I have had a mammogram done recently and all was fine but did not have this lump at the time of my mammogram....I have had this lump now or noticed this lump a month or so....breast cancer does not run in my immediate family but a cousin of my mother died from breast cancer....Being I have fibrosis cysts I have ultra sounds and mammograms every six months to check for cysts and see if they need draining....can this just a few cysts that have combined into one big lump? or can this be cancerous and serious being I can see redness around the area of the lump in a picture?
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The description given by you about the lump indicates it to be an infective pathology.
As the lump is static in size and has signs of the inflammation ,infective pathology has to be considered first. If you feel it to be malignant, then the possibility with similar features could be an Inflammatory breast cancer(IBC)
IBC  is an agressive tumour of the breast which grows rapidly and usually clubbed with stage IV disease.
But to call it an IBC , no signs do point towards it.
Consult your breast surgeon and also keep on track with monthly follow up.
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I looked up IBC on google and read about it and most do not know they had IBC....My lump is hard and is visible plus has like a green line (bruise) under the lump..... it is more egg shaped than round with a slit on one end of the lump....When I lay down and lift my arm I can see the top part of my nipple protrude. Does all this still sound like IBC to you?
I am scared and in a different state for the winter and most clinics do not take my insurance so I am wanting to know if I should go to the ER here or just fly back home and have it checked there....it is very painful and is getting worse daily I do get some relief from heat applied to the lump.....I had a normal mammo down in Sept 07 but the lump was not there at that time plus they say IBC sometimes cannot be detected by mammo.....thank you for responding to me.
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It does not sound to be an inflammatory breast cancer.
To comment more about the situation, a clinical examination is essential. What do you mean by nipple protrude?
It would be  better you meet a doctor at your current residential place to have an diagnosis. Then you decide about flying back to your home town for further treatment.
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I mean that my nipple protrudes in on the top from my lump. To best describe it, it is a size of a
larger  candy easter egg. I will get it checked as soon as I can and go from there. My main concern was if it sounded like cancer or IBC so I will go the ER to have it checked. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me.  
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To confirm about your working diagnosis, it would require to have an clinical evaluation done followed by investigative work up.
To have an appointment scheduled with your doctor as advised earlier.
You are welcome for any queries.
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