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Unusual pain in right breast

For the past 2 1/2 weeks, I've had unusual pain in my right breast. Since it was close to my cycle, I didn't pay much attention the first week. Then I noticed that the breast was much bigger than it was before. (the right has always been slightly bigger) Now I am taking a course of antibiotics and have had a mammogram and an ultrasound. The doctor looking at my tests told me that I had more breast tissue on the right and to take an alleve for pain. She also dismissed me by telling me to get another mammogram when I'm 40, and I could see a counselor if I was "freaked out about it.". The pain has increased and I'm going to my primary doctor today. It is normally an aching, warm feeling - sometimes a stabbing pain. It also hurts under the breast on the ribcage, under my arm, by my collarbone, and in the right side in the middle of my back.. I' ve had a CBC but don't know the results yet. My experience with the woman who is a breast surgeon makes me wonder whether to see another with more experience with possible IBC.  Does anyone know what course of action would be best?
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With the pain you describe here I would think it might be something other than breast related. This could possibly be due to some type of nerve issue since it involves the other areas and pain can be referred to many areas when a pinched nerve is involved. You might ask your own Physician to read and explain in detail the reports from your Mammogram and Ultrasound. I believe that IBC would have additional symptoms and wouldn't have the pain in the other areas that you mentioned.  Regards ....
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