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Update on breast lump

My right breast has ballooned in size despite me being nowhere near my period. Pain and tenderness is still bad. I am worried that if I go back to the same doctor about this she will presume that the lump has not changed in size. But it's not the lump that I think is bigger but my breast?? Now I just don't know what to do or if I'm imagining things.

Any help is appreciated.

Jo :)
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You are welcome.
Well, ,Fibrocystic condition could be the cause...but the only way you can find out for sure,is having some type of testing recommended by your doctor.
Please understand that it's not possible for us to tell you for sure if it's a blocked milk duct or not,we are just mentioning a few possibilities..You need to have this problem investigated as Japdip has mentioned already in your previous thread.An Ultrasound test would be most appropriate at this time.
I hope that your problem is not a serious one and in my opinion and don't think it is.
Take care..
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There are so many things that could cause unilateral breast swelling.
To name a few....Women on contraceptive pills,Cellulitis or inflammation of the skin as a result of an infection that can cause swelling of the breast,Fibrocystic condition  (fibroadenosis) which may occur in one or both breasts and it's often associated with painful lumps.
As you can see there are a variety of benign causes and I agree with japdip that the lump and now the swelling, should be evaluated and I commend your doctor to refer you to a breast specialist who will most probably order a few tests to reach a correct diagnosis.
Best wishes...
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Hi thanks for your reply.

Out of the causes you've mentioned I cannot think of one of them that would've caused the breast swelling.

I've never been on contraceptive pills and cellulitis and inflammation of the skin don't seem likely either as there are no skin changes I can see...

The doctor will not fast-track me as I am not presenting with breast cancer or any red flags. So I'm still waiting on a letter for this. How long that will take I don't know...

What tests are they likely to do? I've had a mammogram and a biopsy in the past but this lump is so persistent! Is it really only likely to be the same as what I've had in the past? It's pretty severe if it is!
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