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Very Concern!

Yes I have fatty tissue in my breast. I had an mamo and ultrasound and every thing came back fine.Now I'm experiencing sore nipples and slight pain. No discharge or swelling.I have had soreness in shoulder and arm. I don't if that is due to my job which requirement push and pull and lift objects all day.I don't know if my bra is playing a factor to why my breast sore or tender. I do have thyroid problems could that play an factor? I'm really am concern. Please someone help ease my mind.
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Fatty tissue is of no particular concern. Hypothyroidism can be associated with breast pain, tenderness, pain on touch. They both have a tie to Hormones and usually when the thyroid problem is treated the breast issue improves as well. I don't see that you have anything to worry about regarding the breast tenderness.   Regards .....
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