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Very concerned about findings while doing my Self Breast Exam

I am 65. I am pretty scared right now. I was taking a shower a couple of weeks ago and doing a breast exam, well, I felt something different under my right breast on the side near my sternum but more under the breast, not really a lump, but definitely something, sort of like a tube, it isn't on the other breast. It is moveable and sort of rolls, sometimes I have to really look to find it and other times, I can feel it right away. My right breast is more lumpy in general however. I also have noticed an inverted nipple on that breast and that concerns me, sometimes it will come out however, especially when I am cold. I haven't noticed that before but then again, I have never really done a close visual exam of them either.

It's strange, this "lump" or rope feeling can only be felt well when I am standing, when I am lying down, it isn't nearly as prevalent. I have an appointment with my GP for next week, I could have gotten in this week, but it would have been with a male doctor and for this, I prefer a female, plus, I don't like the one they had me scheduled with, I like this one a lot better. I am sure she will want me to have a mammogram, that is OK, but I have never had one before, so I am scared of what it will find, hopefully, nothing but if anything, I hope it is just fibroids or fat. So, I have been pretty depressed over this, sometimes it doesn't bother me, but other times, it does.

My dad's sister died with it, she was 72, my mom's sister discovered a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 81, the surgery was a success, no other area had been invaded, so, she was cleared with no further treatments needed, she is alive and well still today and will be 83 September.
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I'm sorry you are having this scary moment!  It's hard to say. I've had a lump that sent me straight to my doctor. It turned out to be a fluid filled cyst that actually, when they drained it, was an infected sweat gland. It was large and the doctor couldn't believe that was what it was. And then I had a mammogram that resulted in a Bi Rad score of 5 (scale used for abnormal mammograms, 0 is not cancer/benign through 6 which is definite cancer). I was scared to death. I had a needle biopsy and it was not cancer. So, try not to worry until you have to worry.

Call your doctor and get a mammogram. They are not scary and if you tell the tech you are worried or frightened, they are gentle. A 3 D mammogram is even better. I'm surprised they have not been able to talk you into one yet. Trust me, not that bad. And sometimes they do need to take  a second look (a 3 D mammogram results in that happening less often) but that also doesn't mean cancer. It just needs they need a closer view.

It's time. Now, I had the bad mammogram experience. This resulted in incredible health anxiety over it. I must admit this. It was terrible. I had a very understanding doctor. After a few years of my neglecting a mammogram, she had me sit in her office and make an appointment while there with the mobile mammo unit. This was super easy and less intimidating than an office for some reason. At least for me. And then she prescribed a xanax to take day of. lol Yes, that's how nervous I was about it. I did not take the xanax but took deep breaths, kept myself distracted and got to the appointment. Once I got it done, my anxiety just flat lined. Because I faced it. So, you have to face this and you will feel better once you do. The odds are that it is NOT cancer and if it is, breast cancer is one of the most studied cancers there is, so many are diagnosed, treated and go into remission, etc. But you have to know, so go. call your doctor today. Ultimately, you WILL feel better when you do and it it is how we not only get answers related to a worry but it also helps ease our anxiety. hugs
Thank you for your comment and encouraging words.

I agree, it is time to face the fear and get the mammogram. I have an appointment with my doctor for next Thursday and will take care of it then. We are very blessed that here in New Zealand, we don't pay for tests like that, especially if you are 65 and over, I just turned 65.  I am always nervous before tests too but afterwards, I am fine, I think the waiting is the hardest part.

I am glad that you did not have breast cancer, but I can just imagine how scared you were when the test results indicated you did.  Hugs.
Thank you. It left a big impression and I ran away from that test for a long time. But you have something you have to get checked out so stay strong. Come back and let me know how it went, okay? You say next Thursday?
Yes, I see the doctor next Thursday and that is when I will ask for her to refer me for a mammogram.
Well, I saw my doctor this morning, she did the manual exam and all is well, nothing suspicious was found, I am so relieved. It was the most thorough breast exam I have ever had.  She has now signed me up for just a "screening" mammogram, she said since it is not an emergency, it may be a few weeks before they contact me, but not to worry because as she said she has felt numerous breasts that did have cancer or lumps and she found nothing like that in mine.

I will let you know how the mammo goes when I get it but I am certainly not worried now and am very relieved, I have been praying and the prayers have worked.
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