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Welcome to the Breast Cancer Community


Just the phrase “Breast Cancer” can stir up so many emotions, fear undoubtedly topping the list, for women and men alike.  Almost all, if not all of our lives have been touched by breast cancer in one way or another.  Each of us who participate in the breast cancer forum first came here looking for answers and support.  

We are a large but very intimate and supportive group of people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.  Some here are newly diagnosed; some have lived with cancer for a while.  Some here are approaching a probable diagnosis, and some are concerned that they might have breast cancer. Some have learned they do not have cancer, but benefited from the support they’ve received while here – many have stayed around for the friendship and to share what they have learned.

There are a lot of ways to use this forum:

Try "Health Pages” which contain information about breast cancer.  You may find many of your technical and medical questions answered there.

You can go to “Medical Support Communities” or “Ask a Doctor” forum.  There you can put a specific question, thought or fear to either the members of the communities or to one of the doctors who regularly answer question.  

We invite you to just join in.  If you've never communicated on a forum before, it may feel awkward.  You'll be more comfortable the first day!  There are no topics that are too weird, "silly," or delicate to be asked here.

You can lurk here without posting, and you’ll learn much wisdom from what others have posted.  

I encourage you to create a profile.  That enables others to connect with you and support you while you are here!  Once you’ve created that you can go to go to "My MedHelp".  You’ll find it on the top line of all the pages and is indicated by a red heart.  You’ll see several options for you to use -- photos, journal notes, and messages.  There are also numerous “trackers” you can use to monitor different aspects of your health – blood pressure, CBC, mood, water intake, weight – among others.  Your journal, which can be private, public, or available only to those people you have added as friends.  You can communicate privately with anyone on MedHelp through your "Inbox."  You can also send a quick public "note" to anyone by hovering over their name.

On your profile, I invite you to write up your "story" - whether it be of your experience with breast cancer or of diagnosis, or your concerns about symptoms you may be having.  Write about whatever it is that brings you to a place of support, friendship and information.  By being on your homepage, you will give us a place to go and learn about you as we respond to your posts and questions.

But, mostly, join us and be a member of our community.  You'll never regret it!

Feel free to stop by my profile and learn about why I’m here!  Say hi and let me know why you’re here!

Glad you found us.


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Thank you, Chris, for the introduction. You summarized the purpose of/for this forum very nicely. it's also nice to be encouraged to write about your (my) history and give a little information. I have done that through comments but I don't think I have on my profile page. I agree it is sometimes very helpful to have a profile to look at, especially when someone comments, or asks a question, and you are trying to learn more, and better about a person.

You were announced a while back but I have only seen you around most recently, so I am glad to learn a little bit more about you. You also have a very sweet photo of yourself. thanks again, kat
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Thanks for the encouragement, Kat.  I try to be here regularly, sometimes my cancer treatment gets in the way!  I guess I'm just like everyone else slogging through treatment -- there are good days and bad days, and very good days and very bad days.  Don't you agree?  

Moving forward in health and light,

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This infernal waiting to find out results is the absolute worst.
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I have learned so much from this forum already, and thank you for providing this great opportunity to support each other. All of the posts I read are useful and informative, especially those from healingwell62, japdip, and madgeOwens. Thanks for asking -- and answering -- all those worrying questions we all want to know about.

Thank you also for helping shine the light of experience and wisdom through our clouds of fear. I hope that only the good days lie ahead for you all...
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All your comments and extra information has been a tremendous help to increase our awareness while we are experiencing this difficult time.
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Thank you.  My niece was just diagnosed and still waiting on test results.  She's frightened to the max and I just don't know how to help.  So I am searching.
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thank you all for your time and support. I have lost one cousin with breast cancer and another she is battling it so it has taken a blow in this family she had both breast removed and it has spread to her lung and has not been able to under go treatments at this time however i beleive she is getting strong enough to start treatment again.. we will keep everyone in my prayers all the time!!! thank you all once again.
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My daughter was diagnosed 9 years ago with DCIS. She was treated with lumpectomy and radiation. She developed a stage 1 breast cancer in the same breast in 2005.  She had a mastectomy and AC  at that time. Her cancer reoccured in the suture line in May of this year.  Much controversy on how to treat this. Some experts felt that all that was needed was oopherectomy (she is pre menapausal) and then Femaro.  Her local onc felt she should also have chemo (taxotere) first.  She has just completed the taxotere and will have the oopherectomy in January.  Going thru this once was difficult, going thru it a second time was very difficult, we hope this third time will be a charm.  The good news is that all the docs say it is still a curable cancer.  I would love to talk to any mothers in this forum who are trying to support their daughters
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Hi.  As a daughter with breast cancer, and a mother of two children, I see this from two perspectives.  My heart breaks for you.  You're right.  The phenomenal news is that the docs say it's curable.  I hope that if there are mothers on this forum they will communicate with you.  I will certainly help to get the word out.  Thanks for being here with us.  


Breast Cancer Community Leader
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Hi!  I haven't received any of the "thread" updates I used to receive--it's been several weeks.  Did everything start over with the New Year?

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here is a mammography and ultrasound report of my 42- year old mother.

Mammography of both sides.

Skin and subcutaneous tissues are normal
Nipple and areolar regions are normal
1) Both the breasts show fatty glandular appearance.
2) Small well defined opacity in lateral quadrant of right breast
3) Few other smaller ill defined opacities in superolateral quadrant, few showing microcalcification.
4) No obvious opacities in left breast
5) Benign calcification also noted in superolateral quadrant of right breast.
6) No evidence of vascular prominence.

Ultrasound Report
1) 4-5 small, hypoechoic ill defined lesions in right inferolateral quadran, few showing calcific specks -? Neoplastic. Largest measuring 12 X 8 mm
2) No obvious continuity noted between the lesions
3) Rest of the both breast parenchyma normal. No ductectasia
4) Small well defined hypoechoic lesion (10 X 7mm) noted in the farlateral region at approximately 9 O' clock position of right breast-? Node
5) Few subcentimeter bilateral axillary nodes with normal morphology


I understand birads-5 means more chances of malignancy. but i think that the radiologists made a mistake.

My mother's family has no history of cancer of any type. She is not a smoker or alcoholic.

I hope she is just having a Benign. How many chances is she having of malignancy.

The radiologist suggested F.N.A.C?

Please help me at the earliest.
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I was operated and my breast was removed in Jan 2009. In Feb 2008 I had open heart surgery with valve replacement and bypass. Now i need suggestions for starting ARIMIDEX. Are there any natural remedies ?
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I ravi_limaye have posted anote. I have a daughter (50) and a son ( 45). last few years have been tough on us. I was operated and had valve replacement (mechanical valve) and bypass surgery at age of 75. this year a lump was detected and whole breast was removed. now should i start harmonal medicines? arimidex
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can someone please assist to answer my qs pls?
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By breast swelled largely and till the last moment I could not realize it. It had become harder and I was suspected for having breast cancer. Doctors said the cancer might have spread to the lungs also (Xray).But the biopsy report detailed that the infected cells were much likely atypical cells.I recieved two chemo sessions so far. I was under radio therapy for one and half weeks, and strangely the radio treatment was done touching the two sides of my forehead. I though it would be focused on my breast. Why was it done on the sides of my forehead, and what is my condition.?

please help me on this matter
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Now Breast cancer has become a common disease. Each year, approximately 150,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in nine American women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

But hereditary breast cancer is mainly caused by a mutant gene passed from parents to their children. It is quite rare. Estimates of the incidence of hereditary breast cancer range from between 5 to 10 percent to as many as 27 percent of all breast cancers.

hereditary breast cancer
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Dont let your mind that you cannot pass your cancer, all problems have a solutions. like this website, this could help you as well. http://doctorfinders.com/breast-radiation-catheters.php
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I hope your DIEP reconstructive surgery is quick and the recovery painless with FABULOUS results!

Please let us know how you're doing!

::::::::::Gentle hugs to you::::::::::
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May God be with you every step of the way through surgery & recovery
my prayers are with you!!!

Bless you
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I previously posted my problem regarding a swelled breast. Breast cancer was the first judgment from the doctors' side. Later after 6 chemo sessions, I was advised to go for a surgery in order to remove the infected breast. Being suspicious, I requested the doctor for a biopsy before the surgery. The biopsy report stated that the cells were not cancer cells after all(After 6 chemo sessions!!!!) but some harmless lump and a surgery would not be therefore necessary. what should I do hereafter, I really cannot trust the doctors who at first glance labeled as a breast cancer patient..Please reply soon..Thank you
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I'd suggest yout start a new post with your question the forum. Not many people are likely to see your question here, as it is mostly for comments to healingwell162, who was our former community leader. You will be more likely to get replies there.

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