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What causes a breast lump?

Hi. I am 16 years old and recently i noticed a lump in my right breast. is it a sign of cancer?
I am scared to tell anyone...but is it normal to get lumps? The lump feels hard and is moveable and its about 2 cm wide.
I am taking iron pills...would that be a cause? or is something else? I have no family history of breast cancer. So what is causing it? is there anything to be worried about?
please help...i am really scared
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i just recently found a lump in my left breast that moves and is hard just like yours. i'm going to the doctor tuesday to get it checked out. i no it is scary, but u should tell sumone so you can get it looked at, to help you ease your mind. from all the research i've done lately in yr age group it probably not cancer . so tell sumone and make an appoint ment for the doctor to look at it i'm sure yr going to be fine.

let me no what happens
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Breast lumps can occur for several reasons ... at your age breast cancer wouldn't likely be one of them. Lumps can be cysts and are often caused by the hormone levels in the body ... anything new or different that you find in a breast should be ck.d by a Dr. There is no reason to be afraid to tell your mother or someone close to you and by all means see your Dr. so you can stop worrying about this. OK?
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