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What does a 4mm irregular equal density mean on mammogram report?

I am freaking out over this. Irregular usually means cancer correct?
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It's always scary when you hear irregular and then you also see the word equal.  Confusing, right?  Doctors need to do a good job of explaining results.  I believe this just means that both breasts are dense but not completely symmetrical.  This would probably be the case for most of us.  But if it is a huge difference between one breast verses the other, that is more concerning.  This is a small (ish) difference.  Please let us know what your doctor said about it.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321823
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What does your doctor say about this? I think it is better to consult with your doctor if you're concerned about irregular density. Masses with irregular shapes and indistinct margins have a higher likelihood of malignancy( Malignant means that the tumor is made of cancer cells). But I hope that it will not be that serious and you're doing well now.
Best wishes!
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